Cafe Kairos

Dinners on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Mid-week dinners are served at St. Mark's to make it easy to attend events and activities in the evenings. No reservation required!

Café Kairos To Go on Wednesdays

Want a bite to eat but no time to cook? Tired of grabbing fast food on the road? Well have no fear, Café Kairos is here! Ruby, Chuy and Leah are planning on serving some tasty dishes this year so stop by! There are plenty of opportunities for volunteers. If you are interested in helping this wonderful ministry, contact Leah Thomas at 210-226-2426 or !


Weekly menus are posted
here and will resume
August 23, 2017.
Cafe Kairos
takes the summer off.


If you would like to have Cafe Kairos cater your next event, contact Leah Thomas at