Lent at St. Mark's

Music in the Park: A Lenten Offering, February 21 - March 21

As a response to the wonderful energy and excitement last year, “Music in the Park” will take place again each Wednesday in Lent (February 21 – March 21) from 12.00pm until 1.00pm in Travis Park. You are invited to pick up a soup and biscuit lunch to go from St. Mark’s and walk across Pecan St. into Travis Park where you’ll be serenaded by several of our musical parish members and their talented friends. 

The 2018 line up includes:

February 21 - Men Off Work ( featuring Len Briley)
February 28 - Half Past One (featuring Mike Clancey)
March 7 - Rick Cavender Band
March 14 - Mothership (featuring Albert Steves)
March 21 - Bach Fest (featuring Joe Causby)

Musicians will be playing tunes from various musical genres and have been invited to intersperse their music with stories about how they’ve experienced the sacred -- the holy -- the divine in and through their music. We hope you will join us.

Volunteers Requested - We are seeking volunteers to help as greeters, biscuit bakers, and soup servers. Volunteer for one Wednesday or more. All are welcome! If you are interested, contact Susan Waltrip at or Katie McDonough at


Rite of Reconciliation

Lent is a season which invites us to slow down and reflect on all aspects of our lives, including a chance to look back at what has been in the past.  Often, we find that there are things in our past which weigh on us or burden us.  The Church offers the chance to confess our sins and lay our burdens down.  During Lent, we plan to offer times for people to seek the Rite of Reconciliation. To that end, we have put together a document on preparing for confession and it is available online.  This series of thoughts and reflections should be helpful to anyone seeking to use the Rite.

If you are interested in making your confession using the Rite of Reconciliation, please contact the church office; St. Mark’s clergy will be available to schedule a time with during the week.