Rector's Forum

The Rector's Forum

Walking in Love: The Word Made Flesh, Fall 2017

The Reverend Beth Knowlton and the Reverend Dr. Jane Patterson
Class meets: September 17 - October 29

This class is a practical exploration of this year’s formation theme from Hebrews, The Word of God is Living and Active. Using insights from the Ignatian tradition, we will use scripture and the imagination to explore ways in which we might focus more intentionally on embodying the creative love of God in our relationships, communities, and workplaces. The class will use reflection on our daily habits as a way to discover areas of growth and challenge, and will also look to the daily experiences and practices of early Christians as a helpful counterpoint and guide to living faithfully in a world of competing values.

Creating Space for the Word of God to Become Living and Active, The Invitation of Advent

The Rev. Beth Knowlton, Dr. Joseph Causby, and James R. Dennis, OP
Class meets: November 12 - 26

In anticipation of the season of Advent, this three-week class will engage with the special themes offered by our tradition in arguably our most counter cultural liturgical season.  The first class will look at the prophetic texts we encounter in scripture.  The second class will look at our Advent hymnody.  The third class will look at art images throughout history specifically focusing on themes of Annunciation.

The Revelation of the Word of God in the Body, Epiphany 2018

The Rev. Beth Knowlton and The Rev. Mary Earle
Class meets: January 14 - February 11

While we acknowledge the centrality of the incarnation in our faith, we do not always translate that into an awareness of the way our human experience is impacted by the body in which we abide, and the corporate bodies in which we participate. Theologian Sally McFague has wryly observed, “The most prevalent spiritual disease of our time is not wanting to be here, not wanting to be in a body.” Together we will explore the mystery of embodied life, with all of the inherent tensions, joys, and sufferings. We will reflect on the body as God’s own divine handiwork, as the vehicle for relationship and community. As scripture scholar Luke Timothy Johnson has written, “My body is not the exception to the world, it is the rule; it is not separate from the world, it is the world in concentrated form.” Join us as we explore the personal, relational, and ethical wisdom of the body as sacrament of the life of the Risen Christ, dwelling in us here, now, and always.

Discerning the Word of God: The Prophetic Task of Engaging Reality, Grief, and Hope, Lent 2018

The Rev. Beth Knowlton and The Rev. Dr. John Lewis
Class meets: February 18 – March 11

This four-week Lenten class, using themes from Walter Bruegemann’s book, Reality, Grief, and Hope—Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks, will help us look at our cultural current context and our calling as Christians.  The Word of God being Living and Active means we need to engage in the context we have been placed.  We need to be willing to challenge cultural assumptions through the lens of God’s promises and our obedience.  The process of seeing the world as it is, allows us to name our grief in areas where it has fallen short of God’s vision.  This is not to leave us despondent, but to move us towards a more genuine expression of faithful hope.

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