Vocational Grants

The Vocational Grants are one-year grants dispersed to multiple entities. Successful applicants for a Vocational Grant will be able (in the application) to interpret and describe how their project/program lives into one or more of the three themes of the St. Mark’s Core Vocation: 1) Feeding those hungry for real food; 2) Feeding those hungry for knowledge and meaning; 3) Feeding those hungry for beauty and creativity. For the 2017 grant cycle, we will be focusing on programs/projects aimed at “Feeding the hungry with real food,” though we will also consider applicants with programs/projects in the other two vocational areas. Top candidates will be contacted by committee members to schedule on-site visits as part of the committee’s discernment process before awarding the grants. A total of $40,000 will be awarded each year, and we expect to grant 8-10 awards annually.

Number of Grants Awarded: 8-10 each year

Semi- Annually Disbursed: 50% of awarded amount disbursed in July and 50% of awarded amount disbursed in November of 2017

Grant Application Deadline: 5pm on Monday, May 15, 2017

Any entity/organization is eligible to apply for both types of grants for different projects/programs, but only one will be awarded.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Rev. Matthew Wise, Associate Rector for Family Ministries, Outreach and Parish Life, at or by calling 210-226-2426.

Core Vocation Cover Sheet

Core Vocation Narrative Questions