Bulletin and Prayer List


The most recent bulletin with announcements can be downloaded here.

Sunday Bulletin for 7.45/9am

Sunday Bulletin for 11.15am

Your Prayers

We invite you to continue in prayer for the church family throughout the week. Thank you for holding the friends and family of St. Mark's in your daily prayers.

Prayers of the People

(updated 4/30/17)

Those with Immediate Needs: 

Aria Bous, Faith Campbell, Corky Carnahan, Gary Chambers, Irene Cook, Mary Edwards, Ann Englehardt, Aurelio Garcia, Billy Jackson, Mary Jacobs, Dave Jacobsen, Brenda Kingery, Eli McChesney, Grace Ohlenbusch, Joey Oliver, Raymond Pena, Ann Reeks, Patricia Scott, David Spoor, Tricia Steves, Marilyn Stovall, Frank Van Wagoner 

We pray for those who will be baptized, confirmed, received, and who will reaffirm their baptismal vows this month.

 Those with longterm concerns:

Jamie Cooper, Light Cummins, Allison Duesing, Carol Duncan, Helen Franz, Hudson Hanselman, Lillian Kimmerly, Alice Lynch, Geoffrey Martin, Amanda Marie Macdaniel, Rick Meier, JD Monk, Amanda Ochse, Kristopher Raygoza, Juana Rodriguez, Walter Schoellmann, George Stewart, Ann Tiner, Gloria Williams, Erik Wolfe


 William Robison