About the Community

At St. Mark’s, we know you want to experience belonging in a community. In order to do this, you need to feel supported and have opportunities for spiritual growth.

You are hungry for meaning, beauty, and impact, and this leaves you feeling frustrated, wondering if you will find a good fit in a church community.

We believe you deserve a safe place to belong and feel supported. We understand how it feels to lack the nourishment you need to meet the challenges you face every day.

That’s why we offer worship, formation, parish events, and outreach opportunities to equip you to live into the teachings of scripture and develop your christian understanding.

As a historic church, in the urban core of San Antonio, we draw members from near and farther away. Only half our members live within a 15 minute drive. We embody ‘broad church’. Our liturgy, music, and setting are traditional; our members are diverse in age, income, social/political affiliation, and increasingly in ethnicity. We view this diversity as an important aspect of our identify.

Worship is at the center of who we are as a Christian community. We gather each week on Sunday to pray and to share in the bread and wine at the table of the Lord, which Jesus Christ told his disciples to share each time they gathered together in his name. This service, which we call the Eucharist (from the Greek eucharistia meaning to give thanks), is a service of thanksgiving for God’s love and presence in our midst.

At St. Mark’s, we believe that our core vocation flows from and informs our worship together. We are fed by Christ in this meal; we are transported by the beauty as we encounter God in community as we pray together; we are steeped in both tradition and a deep knowing that comes from the rhythm of the liturgy, which is the work of the people.

We hope you will find St. Mark’s to be a place in which the mystery of God can be encountered as we pray and work together.