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Above and Beyond

We invite you to consider giving to one of these funds, above and beyond your annual giving. Contact Dina Aboul Saad to learn more.

St. Mark's Horizon Endowment

Our endowment makes up over 10% of our operating budget each year, complementing household giving which makes up the majority of revenue for annual programming and maintenance of our historic property.

Hall P. and Lillian R. Street Memorial Fund

Immediately after organizing St. Mark’s Church in 1858, Episcopalians in San Antonio set out to erect a building. No matter that San Antonio was a rowdy frontier outpost reached only by a tortuous overland route from the Texas Gulf Coast. In their enthusiasm, St. Mark’s members would settle only for the nation’s leading church architect—Richard Upjohn in New York City. St. Mark’s became Upjohn’s only building in Texas and one of his few, west of the Mississippi. The church complex, an architectural landmark, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Street Memorial Fund is critical to the upkeep and regular repair of the church property.

St. Cecilia Series

The Saint Cecilia Series is made possible through the generous contributions of members and music supporters in San Antonio. Your contribution allows Saint Mark’s to sustain a broader artistic and spiritual outreach to the community. All performances are offered free for all to enjoy.

Garden Fund

Tending to our gardens requires regular attention and care by our member volunteers. The Garden Fund provides funding that is complementary to regular maintenance of the grounds.