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Children's Chapel - January 24, 2021

January 22, 2021

We are offering Children's Chapel on our website. We invite you to gather as a family with your children for this brief time of learning!

We also invite you to make a very simple "worship space" in your home. Nothing elaborate at all. If you have a cross and a candle, that's sufficient. Or you could ask your children to help prepare the space: "what things should be in our worship space?" Just find a special and comfortable space. Worship can happen anywhere!

Some suggestions for Children's Chapel:
- A place to gather together
- A candle (pillar-type or on a candlestick)
- A candle lighter
- A monthly calendar (you can print one online) and a crayon/marker. You will be coloring in the spaces for Sundays.
- A computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to watch the video on.

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