Belding Scholarships


…”to be used to help provide a college education for worthy young women at St. Mark’s parish.”


Enid Belding was a resident of Summit, New Jersey, but while in San Antonio she attended St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. On her death in 1986, she established a Charitable Remainder Unitrust to be released after the death of her brother. This trust fund has now been distributed to St. Mark’s. As set forth in Miss Belding’s will, one-half the bequeath to St. Mark’s shall be used to establish a scholarship fund in memory of her parents, Clarence E. Belding and Madeline Louise Belding, and her brother, George Belding.


Applicant must be a female member of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, San Antonio TX, listed on the rolls of the church. Preference is given to applicants who are active participants in the fellowship of St. Mark's, at the time of original application.

Preference will be given to applicants pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.