Ministry List


Youth acolytes, sixth grade and above, assist at the worship services. Training is offered at the beginning of each school year. For information, contact Meredith Rogers at

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild sets the table for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist for services at St. Mark’s  and then cleans up after the service. Members usually serve at one or two services per month. For information, please contact Pam Chambers at  or Mike Duffey at  .

Baptism Guild

Baptism Guild members serve on the day of baptisms by greeting families, preparing baptismal records, and assisting the clergy. For information, contact Tim Worley at .


The bookstore is part of Christian Formation at St. Mark’s and is here for you. It is open every Sunday from 8.30am to 11.00am. You will find it across from the entrance to the cafeteria line on the first floor. Carla Pineda at 

Caregivers Support Group

This ministry provides emotional, practical and spiritual support for those caring for loved ones with long-term illness.  Annabelle McGee ( ) and Lillian Morris ( )

Commission on Ministry

COM supports current ministries and facilitating the process of establishing new ministries. The Commission is a vehicle for communication, recruitment, and accountability. Trey Thompson at 

Daughters of the King

An order for laywomen who are communicants of the Episcopal Church, or churches in communion with it, or churches who are in the Historic Episcopate. Members undertake a Rule of Life, incorporating the Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service. Denise Dahm at 

Dorcas Stitchers

The Dorcas Stitchers carry on the tradition of creating linens for use at worship services since the founding of the church. Group members create and embroider baptismal towels as well as altar linens, priests’ vestments and tend to altar linen mending as necessary. Pat Donegan at 

Eucharistic Ministers

Also called chalice bearers, these confirmed members administer the chalice during services. For information, contact James Dennis, OP at

Eucharistic Visitors

These confirmed members take the Holy Communion from the Sunday services to those who are homebound. Training is required and is offered each year. For information, please contact The Rev. Matt Wise at .
Eucharistic Online Visitor Forms

Finance Count Teams

These teams are responsible for counting the offering from Sunday morning.  Team members often discover a great opportunity for fellowship in this behind the scenes ministry. To volunteer, please contact Priscilla Briones at  .

Funeral Receptions

Provide hospitality for grieving families and friends attending a funeral at St. Mark’s.  The team prepares Gosnell Hall for funeral receptions including food, beverages and décor. Kelly Cavender at 


Deems Smith at 


Exhibit hospitality to all who come to St. Mark’s on Sunday by greeting everyone with a warm welcome.  Hosts are positioned at the main entry points to the church. Susan Thompson at  .

Haven for Hope Volunteer Network

An entry point for St. Mark’s members wanting to volunteer. Pat Bridwell ( ) or Patsy Jordt ( ).


These members lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People during the Sunday morning Eucharist. Training is required and is offered each year. For more information, please contact James Dennis, OP at

Kitchen Ministries

Volunteers help with special events and with Cafe Kairos on Wednesday evenings. Leah Thomas, 


These members read the scriptural lessons at the Sunday services on a rotating basis. Training is required and is offered each year. For more information, please contact James Dennis, OP at

Mind the Gap

The group gathers people - married, single, with or without kids --in this age group for studies, dinners, and other activities.  The Rev. Matt Wise, 


Dina Aboul Saad ( )

Outreach Grant Committee

Responsibly allocates outreach funds. The Rev. Ann Fraser at 

Pastoral Care

Parishioners in need should contact a member of the clergy.  The Emergency Pastoral Care phone number is 210.507.0256.  For hospital visits or visits to the homebound, please contact The Rev. Ann Fraser, 


Both men and women serve on usher teams to greet and welcome members and visitors, distributing worship leaflets, assist in the seating of our worshippers, and be attentive to those who need assistance. During Holy Communion they assist people moving to and from the altar rail. Usher teams serve for a month at a time on a rotating basis, usually two months out of the year.  Ushers are also needed at special services. For information, contact Craig Donegan at

Wedding Guild

These members assist the clergy and families during the wedding rehearsal and ceremony. Members serve several times per year. For information, please contact Jody Kelly at