At the heart of our Baptismal Covenant are the promises we make to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves, to strive for justice and peace among all people, and to respect the dignity of every human being (Book of Common Prayer, 305). These promises, which are central to St. Mark’s Core Vocation, compel us into the service of those who are most vulnerable in our society.

This kind of outreach includes the generous financial giving of our members, but also challenges us to connect our own talents, passions, and resources with God’s dreams for our community as we serve among and build relationships with those most marginalized.

Outreach Grants Committee

The Outreach Grant Committee at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church has been hard at work seeking to more intentionally align our whole Outreach Grant process with St. Mark’s Core Vocation. We have developed a process that we believe will foster deeper relationships between grant recipients and our congregation and that will ultimately have a greater impact on the organizations and entities whom we are financially supporting.  As a result, St. Mark’s is now offering two different grants to 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations.

The Bread of Life Grant

$60,000 allocated over three years - is awarded to one entity each triennium. Inspired by the umbrella vocation of Feeding San Antonio with the Bread of Life, this grant creates the space for a long-term relationship to grow between our congregation and the grant recipient. It will also make a much larger impact on the ministry and work of the entity receiving the grant.

Vocational Grants

Vocational Grants are the smaller, one-year grants dispersed to entities whose applications best fit the thematic areas drawn from our Core Vocation. Applicants from all three areas are considered, though one theme is privileged each year. The 2017 grant cycle privileged applicants whose work and ministry feeds the hungry with real food. The 2018 cycle privileged applicants whose work and ministry feeds those hungry for knowledge and meaning, while the 2019 cycle will first serve applicants whose work and ministry feeds those hungry for beauty and creativity.

Refugee Response

There are opportunities to respond with compassion to people who arrive in San Antonio from the border, as they seek refuge from harsh conditions. St. Mark's is supporting city efforts to provide care that is responsive to changing needs. Details of current ways to help can be found on our Refugee Response page.  

Commission on Ministries

The Commission on Ministries supports current ministries and facilitates the process of establishing new internal ministries based on the energy of the parish community. The Commission on Ministries strives to help members match their gifts and passions with the ministries best suited to use of those gifts and passions. 

Ministry and committee chairs can be found in the Parish Life Handbook which is updated annually.