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Outreach Grants

Outreach Grants 

Core Vocation Grants - Feeding Those Hungry for Beauty and Creativity

St. Mark's Core Vocation Grants are awarded annually. During the 2022 grant cycle, the focus is on programs or projects corresponding to the second arm of St. Mark’s Core Vocation - “Feeding those hungry for beauty and creativity.” We hope grants will lead to opportunities for the St. Mark's community to partner with and serve alongside grant recipients over the next year. Use the link below to submit your application online. You can save your application in progress if you wish to complete it in more than one sitting. Applications are due by March 31. 

Grant Application 

The Bread of Life Grant Recipient - Crockett Academy (2020-2023)

The Bread of Life Grant offers the St. Mark’s community three years to engage and build relationships with a specific organization and their work in the city for a grant totaling $60,000. This multi-year approach makes it possible for us to build on our work together. We are now in the first year of our second partnership with Communities in Schools, San Antonio (CIS-SA) at Crockett Academy.

Crockett Academy’s proximity to St. Mark’s makes it a ready partner for collaboration (just two miles away). There are opportunities to serve at one-time events like the school’s festivals, holiday collections, career days, and the ever-popular Love to Read Day. Some volunteers invest in an ongoing relationship by serving as a mentor for a student, while others might spend a day working on campus improvements during our annual Day of Prayer and Service.