Bulletin and Prayer List


The most recent bulletin with announcements can be downloaded here.

Sunday July 14 Bulletin

Prayers of the People 

We invite you to continue in prayer for the church family throughout the week. Thank you for holding the friends and family of St. Mark's in your daily prayers.  (updated 7/17/19)

Those with Immediate Needs: 

Laura Arvold, Aynslie Baird Brown, Ken Bryars, Betty Ann Cody, Juan Jose Davila, Janet Delicia de Carrejo, Ruby Garza, Gloria Guzman, Rod Haff, Tony John, Don Kingery, Betsy O'Connell, Grace Ohlenbusch, Maria Mendoza, Robert Northrup, Ruth Peyton, Kate Pollom, Lynda Richards, Cathy Robinson, Patricia Scott, Kathleen Weir Vale, Bill Yates, Kay Zook

Those with longterm concerns:

Halim Aboul Saad, Yvonne Chi, Ron Cobb, Ellen Dickson, Fernando Guerra, Hudson Hanselman, Corissa Healey, Marjorie Hutcheson,  Dick Johnson, Eleanor Johnson,  Phyllis Monier, Eleanor Phelps, Mel Richards, Frank Sitton, Patsy Warncke


Norb Cole is happy to report that he is now cancer free.