Give by Text

Text Your Gift

Many of you spend a lot of time on your phone, we all do! Did you know that you can even text donations to St. Mark's? 

It's as easy as sending a text to 210-399-0072. In the message, simply text the amount you want to give. 

Ex. Texting 100 will give $100 to St. Mark's toward your pledge or contributions. If you don't have a credit card set up, you'll be prompted to set it up through a secure connection. It's quick and easy. 

Giving to Another Fund

If you'd like to give to something other than your pledge or annual giving:

  1. Text Keywords. A list of Funds will appear.
  2. Text the amount you want to give followed by the name of the fund.  In the following example, $100 is being texted for Easter Flowers.  
    Ex. 100 Easter Flowers 

If you'd like help to get started, contact Dina Aboul Saad.