Migrant Ministry

Thank you for your willingness to offer care to the migrant persons arriving in San Antonio as they seek refuge from untenable conditions in their places of origin. As these families, men, women, and children are processed and documented at the border, many are transported to San Antonio en route to longer-term destinations.

How you can help:

Give a financial gift. Monetary donations can be made to St. Mark's Urgent Needs fund,or to partners in this ministry such as the Interfaith Welcome Coalition, Travis Park Church, or Catholic Charities.

Pray. Remember these displaced persons, and all who minister to them, in your prayers.

Feel free to reach out to The Rev. Ann Fraser ( ) if you have questions.

A prayer from Episcopal Migration Ministries:
For all those who see “home” and all it means disappear behind them; for all those who cannot see a home in the days ahead of them; for all those who dwell in daily insecurity; for all those who are weary and without a safe place to rest their heads; for all families in migration we pray. May the image of the Holy Family fleeing oppression stay with us as we enter each new day, and stay with us each night as we are blessed with returning to a home. May we also be blessed with compassion for those still weary, still seeking, still with so far to go. Amen.