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Doug Beach

Class of 2026


Each of the Vestry members were asked to reflect on the following questions:


Describe your participation at St. Mark’s and/or in the community? Indicate experiences you think would be helpful to your time on vestry.
My wife Barbie and I lead a family mental health support group at St. Mark’s welcoming anyone who has a friend or family member who is dealing with a mental illness.  This is a chance to provide a safe space for people to share the challenges of caring for someone who is ill and to celebrate the good things to occur. I also led a mental health ministry committee at St. Mark’s, helping guide the church as we think how to best support the congregation and community.  In 2015 I helped start the Pathways to Hope conference which just completed its 8th year at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.  St. Mark’s has been a major supporter of this community wide conference which brings people together from across Bexar County to help break the stigma of mental illness. Prior to joining St. Mark’s, I led the men’s ministry program at another congregation for over 15 years. Providing men with the opportunity to be in fellowship with one another while deepening their faith has been a long-standing calling. This included meeting in small groups, large breakfasts, retreats, and discipling.


Feeding San Antonio with the Bread of Life: feeding the hungry with real food; feeding those who are hungry for knowledge and meaning; and feeding those who are hungry for beauty and creativity is the core vocation of St. Mark’s. How do you envision the vestry working to support this vocation?

The vestry provides feedback, wisdom, and prayerful input for the many activities St. Mark’s supports whether it’s the St. Cecilia’s Guild, Christmas to the Street, or the Crockett Elementary partnership.  The vestry helps the congregation and staff discern how St. Mark’s can grow in spiritual maturity while fulfilling its core vocation. The vestry may ask how engaged the congregation is living into the core vocations as well as exploring places St. Mark’s might not have a presence but should consider further engagement.


When did you join St. Mark’s and what continues to draw you to this community?

My wife and I joined St. Mark’s in 2021 but have been attending since 2017. We are drawn to St. Mark’s by the receptiveness of members and clergy.  I appreciate the openness of the staff and congregation to having a conversation and ministry around mental health.  The response by members has been affirming and refreshing.  It’s not an easy topic to talk about but there has been a willingness to engage. This openness is expressed at St. Mark’s by welcoming ALL people; inclusiveness is an important part of building God’s kingdom in San Antonio.

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