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A Prayer for Thanksgiving

God of Creation and Abundance,

Help us in the midst of a world filled with so many worries to turn our gaze toward you;

Fill us with the knowledge of the many blessings within our reach;

Open our eyes to seek the many graces that are evident when we still the center of our hearts;

Manifest your glory in the beauty of creation to ground us in awe and wonder.


God of Incarnation and Particularity,

Turn our hearts to recognize the holy in each person we encounter;

Banish hatred and fear from every cell of our body;

Proclaim your love in the relationships that feed us;

Take away the sting of those relationships that disappoint us;

Envelop us with such a sense of your love that it cannot be hoarded—only shared.


God of Wisdom and Courage,

Activate the places in us that are fallow;

Comfort the places that are wounded;

Inspire us to go beyond the places and people that are comfortable;

Gather us in community so that your complexity and wholeness is known to us.


In this season when we are called to give thanks,

We remember those who are in need,

We remember those who are in despair,

We remember those who have been forgotten,

And we give thanks for the lessons that are available in lack,

So that we might more fully appreciate the abundance you call us to embrace in every season.


We ask all these things in the name of the Holy Trinity, who creates, calls, and inspires us,




Peace, Beth+


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